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Sonos Move – New Portable Smart Speaker

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Sonos Move- Rid your home of low-end speakers.

Because you can just carry this premium speaker with you and enjoy room-filling music anywhere in the house or even outdoors.

Exactly a year ago, Sonos released its first portable wifi and Bluetooth enabled speaker, Sonos Move, that doubled down as a smart home speaker supporting Alexa and Google Voice assistants. And you’ll get Siri working too if you’ve Apple Airplay 2 supported devices. Sonos Move sounds like and is a premium speaker that boasts of all smart home speaker capabilities.

  • The design is classy with a perforated metal grill that matches with the top and base panels. Sonos move sports a handle behind the speaker to carry and go.
  • The top of the portable Sonos speaker is smooth and has:
  1. Capacitive touch options to play/pause music, move forward/backward/skip tracks.
  2. An option to mute microphone to turn off the voice assistant and elevate your privacy.
  3. Far-field microphone array to catch your commands.
    Sonos Move-Top
  • With the smart voice assistant, you can set an alarm, timer or reminder, create a shopping list and email it to you, control lighting, thermostats, doors, cameras and even coffee maker and much more. And play music from your favourite music stations or create your playlists.
  • At the back panel, you can see the
  1. Power on/off button – Use it to save battery when not in use. It puts the speaker in sleep mode.
  2. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth toggle option – you can use Wi-Fi by default and switch over to Bluetooth when necessary.
  3. Join button – Used to set up your Sonos Move using the Sonos S2 app.
  4. USB-C port – For charging on the go with an alternative compatible charger.
  • It comes with a circular charging dock with a metal connector. The battery takes about 2.5 hours to charge from zero to 100% and it lasts an impressive 11 hours but a tad less (~7 hours) when you stream using only Bluetooth.
  • The almost bouncy rubber base acts as a shock absorber. The Sonos Move speaker has an IP56 rating that makes it more durable i.e. weather and fall resistant.
  • Check out this handy Sonos Move manual/user guide if you need to.
  • The set-up is straightforward once you plug in the Move and install the Sonos S2 app. It discovers the speaker and guides you through the rest of the steps.

But is the Portable Sonos Move speaker worth the price tag of $399? Read on to find out…

Sonos Move Specs at a glance

BrandSonos Move
Distinguishing featureAll-weather Resistant (IP56 certified).
Smart Home Speaker supporting Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri*
MicrophonesFar-field microphone array to catch your voice distinctly. Touch-enabled to turn it off/on.
SpeakersTwo Class D acoustically tuned amplifiers for the surroundings, one downward firing tweeter for the highs and one mid-range woofer. Also has a responsive audio chime letting you know it has heard you and working on a response.
Home controls (Lights, fans, Thermostat, Security system, coffeemaker and many smart home appliances and devices) Yes.
Wi-fi & Bluetooth802.11b/g/n in 2.4GHz or 802.11a/n in 5GHz.  Bluetooth 4.2 version.
Voice assistantChoice of Alexa, or Google Assistant and/or even 3rd party home automation services.  Siri supported on  Apple Airplay 2 enabled devices.
Stereo function with pairingYes
Intercom function in the spaceYes (with 3rd party apps)
Sonos Move Colors


Lunar White

Physical Connectivity portUSB-C port** and power supply
Weight6.61 lb (3 kg)
Dimensions H x W x D 240 x 160 x 126 mm
Check Price in AmazonSonos Move

*Siri supported if you have Apple Airplay 2 enabled devices, that is any Apple devices with at least iOS 12 installed.

** USB-C adapters must support one or more of the following output levels: 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A.

Why would you love the portable Sonos Move?

Or who is Sonos Move for?

  • If you live in a small to medium home, I’ll say you’d love having one high-quality speaker and carry it around your house as needed. Then you wouldn’t need to invest in several cheap $25-$49 lower-quality speakers spread around the house.
  • You own a luxe house and often fancy a poolside barbecue. A pair of these speakers will add some magic at your hosted party or any celebration.
    • Love music when out and about? Once charged, this speaker lasts up to 11 hours. Be it camping, or a far-flung resort, or a beach where there are few to no plug-in options and you want to just hang out with family and friends with some great outdoor music, then this is your friend.
    • It is IP56 certified! It means it is resistant to torrential rain, humidity, salt spray, dust, sun, snow. Sonos Move us built with a hard shock-resistant casing that takes care of accidental drops too.
    • Since it supports either Amazon Alexa or Google assistant and also Siri (with Apple Airplay 2) you can stream music from almost any popular music providers like Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, YouTube Music, Sonos Radio and your playlists. The voice assistants can hear you from nearly 30ft without walls.
    • If you own a Tidal Hi-Fi family subscription, you’re in luck because Sonos Move has got it covered.

    Why you will hate the Sonos Move?

      • You cannot directly connect it to your smart TV. You will need the Sonos Arc.
      • Voice assistants on Sonos move need wi-fi to work. They won’t work on Bluetooth.
        (Alexa, Google or Siri needs to connect to the internet to bring you answers, so it is understandable. But once you’ve gotten used to the voice commands, you’ll want it to work anyhow. But. Reality!)
      • The 3kgs (6.61 lb) can be bothersome for some to carry around. Especially during travel it sure feels bulky, but inside/outside the house, it’s going to be worth it if you fancy it.
      • If you’re streaming entirely using Bluetooth when outside, the Sonos Move battery life lasts around 7 hours instead of 11.

      What is portable Sonos Move speaker pairable with?

      In the Sonos sound ecosystem,

      • You can pair it with Sonos Arc (the TV speaker from Sonos) to extend the TV sounds across outdoors or to any place indoors.
      • Pairs well with Sonos One and Sonos One SL, so you can have one indoor and one outdoor speaker. A pair of these are perfect for even terrace/outside areas in bars, restaurants, or even small outdoor roadshows. Sonos Move is often at a discounted sale as a pair with Sonos One.

      Check out this Sonos Move and Sonos One – 2 pack.

    Sonos Move Smart home capabilities

      • You can connect to and control Philips Hue Lights or LIFX lights in and around your home. So check the Smart Lighting capabilities over here. Smart bulbs are more cost and energy-efficient. Another cool aspect is you can control the brightness and colour hues in smart bulbs.

    • Sonos Move supports smart home devices supported by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa like a smart home lock, cameras attached to the front door and several smart utilities. These links list most smart home compatible products.
      Google Home and Amazon Echo

    Want to hear more awesomeness about Sonos Move?

    • The Sonos Move sounds almost like the Apple Home Pod, the hardest to beat smart home speaker. But you won’t feel as feature constrained as you would when you use the home pod.
      You can feel it room-filling even in the higher volumes. You can also tweak the surround, bass, treble and loudness from the intuitive Sonos S2 App for the Sonos speakers.
    • It is also true-play enabled, means it acoustically adjusts to the location where it is playing without you having to change settings.
    • You can also take advantage of the Sonos boost, which is a wi-fi extender reachable up to 50m away.
    • You can replace the battery after 900 charges or 3 years and there is no need to go for another speaker.
    • If you intend to bring in more Sonos speakers, they work impeccably in a group.
    • Sonos has a raving fan base for what they’re worth. Sonos’ customer support is excellent and you would love their customer-friendly attitude.

    Sonos also released an entry-level smart home speaker model with voice capabilities, but without the portability feature called Sonos One, priced at almost half the price at $199. You can quickly check out the specs here to compare it with Sonos Move if you’re curious.


    My final thoughts are that you cannot go wrong with a Sonos Move as it is excellent sound (Check this case study) and is also a smart home speaker. Brings more utility as you can move it around the house, (gym area, kitchen, poolside, garden area…), wherever you please. You can even throw it in your car when you’re going on a holiday. It is resistant to accidental drops, rain, snow, dust, sand, UV rays, extreme heat and cold. Bose portable speaker is a close competitor, but it all boils down to your preference. Even though Sonos recently entered the smart speaker race, the brand has already built trust in the speaker market and hence they are a big draw.

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